AD2111-S2 : Label rewinder

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Our label rewinder is equipped with an external auto-switching 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V power supply and an electronic circuit controls the functions.

When the roll of labels runs out, the rewinder stops by uttering an acoustic signal. The ability to adjust the direction of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, allows to rewind the labels face in or face out. The tension arm adjusts the speed of rotation. When the arm is down, the rewinder will rotate at full speed.

Whereas, when the tension arm is up, the rewinder is idle, which blocks the motor’s rotation when the printer stops.


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Roll Diameter up to 11.81"
Label Width up to 5"
Adjustable Core Holder
from 1.81" up to 4.64"
Support for heavy rolls


Package information:
Length 16.1"
Height 20.5"
Width 14.6"

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