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Our range of Motorized Core Holders can handle labels up to 9.45" wide and rewind or unwind rolls having outside diameter up to 9.84".

Rolls are rewinded/unwinded onto a 3" core holder and the possibility to adjust the sense of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, allows to rewind / unwind labels both face in and face out (only "SW" models). Thanks to its revolutionary design and toughness, our MCH rewinders and unwinders are perfect for high and heavy duty jobs.

The motor is located inside the core holder and once the job is done, users can easily remove the core holder.


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Labels up to 9.45” wide
Outside  diameter up to 9.8”
Speed 27 Rpm


Package information:
Length 20.5"
Height 16.5"
Width 17.7"

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